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DVD Segments

Segment 1: The Medicine of Breast Cancer
Your journey starts the moment you hear you have breast cancer. Often the first medical professional you will meet with after hearing these words is someone like Dr. Nora Hansen, Surgical Oncologist, Director of the Lynn Sage Comprehensive Breast Center at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Associate Professor of Surgery at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. Dr. Hansen is one of the top surgical oncologists in the nation and speaks with you as she would to one of her own newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. Dr. Hansen reviews the latest information about breast cancer in an easy to understand manner, discusses what various procedures involve and explains the details of a variety of treatment options. Many of your questions will be clarified in this clear, thorough presentation.

Segment 2:
Maintaining Your Peace of Mind through Meditation
So much of the quality of your life is determined by how you think and feel about what is happening to you. A breast cancer diagnosis brings with it a number of powerful thoughts and emotions — many of which can throw you off balance. A strong, stable, yet flexible mind that is able to be alright with what is and with what isn’t is one of the best tools you can have at your disposal as you travel the breast cancer journey. Join Elesa Commerse, a nationally known meditation teacher and breast cancer survivor as she shares specific techniques for how to work with your mind to stay calm and peaceful despite the turbulence that comes with life.

Segment 3:
We discover that what we eat and how we live our lives greatly impacts the quality of our life in How Nutrition and Lifestyle Choices Can Enhance Your Breast Cancer Journey, with Rachelle Meade, RD, LCN. In this dynamic segment you will come to understand the clear role nutrition and lifestyle choices have in your well-being. Many technical nutritional terms get defined and several nutritional myths gets de-bunked. Learn the power you have in the choices you make about food and lifestyle.

Segment 4:
Adrienne Felder, MA, LCPC, professional chef and Cancer Project Instructor, helps us transform good nutritional information into easy, tasty meals we want to eat in Bringing Good Nutrition to Life in the Kitchen. Hear about nutritional powerhouses that can go a long way in helping the body stay strong. Learn how to get your whole family involved in healthy eating. Clear strategies are presented for maintaining steady energy levels during treatment and beyond.

Segment 5:
Acupuncturist Maria Mulcahy, L.Ac., MSOM, Dipl.Ac., in Acupuncture for Symptom Relief, helps demystify acupuncture and lets us know how successful it is at alleviating many breast cancer treatment related symptoms and side-effects. Acupuncture has proven helpful with nausea, pain, fatigue, headaches, hot flashes, night sweats, neuropathy, lost range of motion, scar tissue pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression and more. You’ll even see part of an actual acupuncture session!

Segment 6:
Regaining Range of Motion through Physical Therapy
by Megan Driscoll, MSPT, CLT-LANA
Regaining range of motion is critically important after treatment. Receive expert guidance in how to safely regain range of motion after breast cancer treatment. Clear instruction on how to do specific exercises is demonstrated.

Segment 7:
Lymhedema: What It Is and How to Protect Yourself
by Megan Driscoll, MSPT, CLT-LANA
If you have been treated for breast cancer you need to know about lymphedema. Hear from a national expert what warning signs to look for, how to protect yourself and how lymphedema is treated.

Segment 8:
Reconnecting to Your Body: Moving from the Heart
by Barbara Meyer, PhD
If you feel disconnected from your body as a result of your breast cancer journey, you are not alone. Join in with recovering women who explore the joy in moving the body they have. This beautiful movement exploration has no rights or wrongs and no previous movement or dance experience is required.

Segment 9:
A Return to Wholeness through Gentle Yoga
by Sudha Carolyn Lundeen, RN, RYT
Surgery, radiation and chemo take their toll on the body and mind. Re-integrate yourself gently, through these time-tested and treatment specific yoga routines designed for the person with no previous yoga experience. The yoga routines are especially designed to help at each stage of the breast cancer journey, including after surgery.

Segment 10:
Wisdom, Hope and Encouragement from Women Who Are on A Breast Cancer Journey: Survivor Stories in English and Español
Gain strength, courage and inspiration from some amazing fellow survivors. Some of the women featured were actively going through treatment at the time they shared their story.

Segment 11:
Visualizing Radiant Health through Yoga Nidra: Guided Relaxation
by Elesa Commerse, MBA, CMT
Experience the deepest relaxation possible, considered to be four times more restorative than the quality of sleep most people get. Visualize yourself as radiantly healthy. No previous yoga experience necessary.

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