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“This diagnosis is a reminder that this is the life you’ve got. And you’re not getting another one. Whatever has happened, you have to take this life and treasure and protect it.”

Betty Edwards

“I didn’t want to live my life as a victim; I didn’t want to use the excuses that I coulda or shoulda or woulda had a great life but I had some bad luck. It has always been the ‘bad luck’ or the negatives in my life that have taught me and shaped me, and I wasn’t going to lose this time around. Cancer was going to be my blessing. I was going to learn and grow and survive in my way.”

— Suzanne Somers

“A really strong woman accepts the war she went through and is ennobled by her scars.”

Carly Simon

“Believe in who you are, believe in what you feel, your power will come from that.”

— Melissa Etheridge

“I feel keenly aware of how precious and fleeting life is, and I hope I will never forget what the experience has taught me…who I am, who I want to be, who I can never be again. It was a hard time, but I’d rather have the really hard stuff than to never know what I know now.“

— Sheryl Crow

“My big dream is to be cancer free, but I am focusing on the small things that will get me there. If for some reason the treatment I have received does not succeed, I will dive back in and find something that will. I will never stop fighting. I will not play the ‘cancer card.’ I will not use cancer as an excuse for not achieving the goals I have set for myself. Cancer forced me out of my comfort zone. But as I stated previously, ‘There is no comfort zone. Life comes at us in ways we can’t predict or control.’ I know that now more than ever. I am focusing on the situation, not the problem. I don’t dwell on the fact that I have cancer. I spend my energy and resources on conquering the disease…I was asked to write an entire book about my experience with cancer. I respectfully declined. Cancer is no more than a chapter in my life. And it will not be the last chapter.”

Robin Roberts, from her best-selling book, From the Heart: Eight Rules to Live By

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