Finding Your Way

Expert Help in Navigating
the Breast Cancer Journey



“I can whole-heartedly recommend the DVD series, “Finding Your Way,” produced by Elesa Commerse, to anyone looking for more information on the benefits of holistic therapies for women with breast cancer.  As Program Director for Heartwood Center’s Women and Cancer Program, I find this DVD to be an invaluable tool in educating women about the many resources available to them through alternative forms of healing. Elesa has done an outstanding job in gathering highly respected practitioners to share their knowledge and experience in this beautiful, cohesive collection of healing segments. This DVD is thoughtful, thorough and very professional in its presentation.”

Terri Clemens, L.Ac., Dipl. Ch., MSOM
Program Director
Women and Cancer Program
Heartwood Center for Body Mind Spirit

“The two DVDs and the CD called, “Finding Your Way,” that you gave me when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer have been invaluable to me. They have taught me more about my cancer diagnosis, the surgery and my recovery than I could have ever researched on my own.  It was something that my sister and I watched together several times and discussed while she accompanied me to my doctor’s visits and through my mastectomy and recovery.  I think my outcome and attitude were positively impacted because “Finding Your Way” gave me a path to follow that really worked for me. Elesa’s voice is so soothing that it puts me in a relaxed state of mind just by listening for one minute! This helps with the stress of it all. Learning that I was not breathing correctly when I first started watching the meditation part was surprising but I learned to do as the teacher instructed. I’m breathing better now. My journey has been made easier and brighter because of you and “Finding Your Way.”   Thank you for helping me and being a part of this journey with me. I really do know that I am a better survivor because of the impact that you and the Finding Your Way DVDs  and CD have on me. May your blessings continue to unfold!”

Mary, Chicago, Illinois

“I feel very lucky that I qualified, by having a small, slow growth cancer, to have a mammosite. This is a fairly new process. Prior to my surgery there had been only 40 such procedures done at Christus St. Vincent Hospital, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am 74 years old and had never had surgery so really did not know what to expect, other than the information given to me by the surgeon and oncology radiologist, which was good but not quite enough. “Finding Your Way” helped me to feel quite relaxed about the whole process and to have an understanding of the recovery period. Thank you, Elesa, for providing this beautiful DVD.”

Cynthia, Taos, New Mexico

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